Saturday, 28 March 2015

Your Creative Works :)

Hi All,

This is the last post for the term - and yes, finally, the ideal space for all your poems, stories, plays, artworks, videos, performances, etc that you wanted to share.
You are now contributing to Contemporary Canadian Literature!

Thank you :)


More Topics for Discussion

Please share anything here that is related to our course topic Mirrors, Masks, and Myths - and/or Canadian Literature and/or Culture!

Feel also free to share information about your favourite Canadian movie about identity :)

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Visit to MOA

If you feel like going to the Museum of Anthropology some time before the term is over, please write about any of the artworks there that inspire you. Again - any genre/form is welcome....

Nature Walk

Please post your experiences from your Nature Walk here. Any form/genre is fine - including, of course, poems, stories, plays, songs, etc.

More Perspectives on the Individual - Part 2

The following ideas are a bit more unusual and not directly related to our texts - but I thought some of you might find some of them quite interesting....

Theme: the Individual and the Physical and/or Metaphysical/Spiritual World

1. Implications of Near-Death Experiences for Our View of Who We Are

* Commonalities of Near-Death Experiences:

2. Some of Edgar Cayce's Views on the Individual and Reality

Edgar Casey was a psychic, healer, and philosopher

* the soul's jourey - Edgar Cayce's Cosmology:
* the wisdom of Edgar Cayce - interview with Darrin Owens:

3. Some of Bashar's Views on the Individual and Reality  

Bashar is an Extraterrestrial from the future - channelled through Daryl Anka

* the four laws of creation:
* how we design our reality:
* the higher mind and the physical mind:
* manifestation of reality/desires:
* there is only one moment:

4. Cymatics, Vibration, Frequency, Sound

* cymatic soundscapes:
* cymatic experiments - harmonics:
* cymatic experiment:
* Masure Emoto's experiments with water:
* the memory of water:

5. Sacred Geometry

* the sacred geometry movie by Spirit Science:

More Perspectives on the Individual - Part 1

I just thought you might want to think about the following 'concepts of self' in the context of our books. Although they are not "Canadian," they might provide some useful background information and/or show interesting parallels or contrasts to some of our texts.

Feel free to add links to other ideas you find interesting and relevant!

Concepts of Self

1. The Four Humours Theory:

Please read the very short intro at:

2. The Medicine Wheel:

Please listen to this interesting introduction:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

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3. Yin/Yang and the 5 Elements:

Please watch this very short intro
and the highly interesting explanation about Yin and Yang by Alan Watts:

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4. The System of Chakras and Nadis:

Please read the following two very short introductions:
1) Chakras:
2) Nadis (and Meridians):

If you have time, please also listen to this clip:

Ann-Marie MacDonald's Good Night Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)

Please post your insights about Ann-Marie MacDonald's play - as well as all comments about Shakespeare's Othello and Romeo and Juliet here!

Thank you!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Rohinton Mistry's Tales from Firosha Baag

Here is your discussion forum for Rohinton Mistry's Tales from Firosha Baag. Please post your presentation slides, questions, observations, information about the cultural background and anything else you find of interest in connection with this collection of short stories.