Saturday, 28 March 2015

More Perspectives on the Individual - Part 2

The following ideas are a bit more unusual and not directly related to our texts - but I thought some of you might find some of them quite interesting....

Theme: the Individual and the Physical and/or Metaphysical/Spiritual World

1. Implications of Near-Death Experiences for Our View of Who We Are

* Commonalities of Near-Death Experiences:

2. Some of Edgar Cayce's Views on the Individual and Reality

Edgar Casey was a psychic, healer, and philosopher

* the soul's jourey - Edgar Cayce's Cosmology:
* the wisdom of Edgar Cayce - interview with Darrin Owens:

3. Some of Bashar's Views on the Individual and Reality  

Bashar is an Extraterrestrial from the future - channelled through Daryl Anka

* the four laws of creation:
* how we design our reality:
* the higher mind and the physical mind:
* manifestation of reality/desires:
* there is only one moment:

4. Cymatics, Vibration, Frequency, Sound

* cymatic soundscapes:
* cymatic experiments - harmonics:
* cymatic experiment:
* Masure Emoto's experiments with water:
* the memory of water:

5. Sacred Geometry

* the sacred geometry movie by Spirit Science:


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    1. Bashar: There is only one moment

      I really liked this video as I believe it not only ties nicely in with the course content, but also with the human existence, the time we live in and personally where I am in my life.
      Bashar speaks of the past and future holding synchronicity within a timeless construct. He speaks of the universal connectedness of things and the inherent synchronicity of the past, present and now. The example he gives of this is deja vu.
      He says that this synchronicity is time-space’s way of showing the human the timeless reality we all share (on a minute micro level, as well as a macro level). We are all connected, through our atomic structure, elements etc. As he says this, I believe that he connects spirituality and science in one sphere, something I have long thought to be connected.
      It’s interesting to note the time period we are in as a people and the spiritual revolution, or evolution, that is encompassing our society and race. We are waking up. I think we all feel it inside of us, the timeless essence and interconnectedness Bashar speaks of: that we are all of, here, now, there, all timeless.

    2. I’ve often been able to feel it; since I was young I can recall having moments of intense clarity to the oneness that engulfs this universe. However, I can tell you it was not always an easy experience, as our social structure does not promote these realities. I was therefore forced or pushed into shutting them down.

      I can recall very clearly from the ages of 8 to 18, that I would experience clear as day deja vu and premonitions of what was to come. These premonitions would come to me in the form of a clear voice, my own, yet from somewhere else. It would interrupt a thought, or anything that was going on around me and enter into my mind as a clear white light where a voice, as clear as anything I have ever heard with only righteous truth it essence, would tell me some fact. For example, “It will rain on your pick nick tomorrow and you will not end up going”. The voice was not alarming, nor had any particular emotional relation to it, but was rather simply stating a fact. All the times this happened, the voice was right. Often after I heard it, I wouldn’t think anything of it, and its relevance seemed minute. It was only until I experienced what it had told me that I understood the gravity of what I was experiencing.

      For example, on my 14th birthday my family and I went to climb the Chief. My best friend had come along and we were the last ones to exit the car in the parking lot beside the highway. I remember this day to be sunny and windy slightly chilly but I was so happy and care free. As soon as I closed the door and was about to walk across the parking lot to my family I stopped. The most heavy dread I have ever experienced entered my body, my eyes became wide, my face blank. My friend turned back to see where I had gone, saw my face and asked if I was okay. I could not hear her, for my mind had gone completely blank again and only I was only with the message, “Something terrible is going to happen now.” I woke up, and saw my friend staring at me worried. I said to her, “Something really bad is going to happen I just know it”. I tried to shake it off and began to walk across the parking lot. Not a minute later we heard the sound of metal bending, the shattering of class, the crunch of bone: a huge accident on the highway. I started to run and tried to cross the highway to help the people stuck inside the cars, but my dad grabbed me and didn’t let me go. I kept screaming: I knew! I wanted to help. I didn’t understand why I wasn’t told sooner.

      It is moments like these that I believe we are able to connect into the realm of timelessness. That whole day had felt like I knew what was to happen; yet I did not know until the moment of the vision that it was all connected.

      I think humans are innately connected to this force, however since the cultivation of “civilization” we have come far from our interconnected and intuitive ways. Young children often are able to tap into this gift, and some other people too. As for me, it was very often I experienced this when I was young, but it died down by the age of about 17. I tried to kill it actually; it got to be too much to deal with every day.

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